Module Join

module Join: sig .. end
The JoCaml core library.

This module offers basic functionalities for JoCaml.

type -'a chan 
The type of asynchronous channels carrying values of type 'a.
exception Exit
Raised by the JoCaml runtime system, when some remote synchronous call cannot be completed because of the failure of the remote site
val exit_hook : unit -> unit
Hook to be given as argument to Pervasives.at_exit. This will somehow control termination of program. More precisely, program terminates when they is no more work to achieve. This does not apply to program engaged in distribution.
See also Pervasives.at_exit.
type 'a debug = string -> ('a, unit, string, unit) format4 -> 'a 
The type of the argument of Join.debug
val debug : 'a debug
Print a message on standard error. Usage: debug tag fmt ...
See also The Printf module.

Site definition
module Site: sig .. end

Dynamic, unsafe, value repository.
module Ns: sig .. end