Focusing on -failuresReferenceUsing passwords: -realm, -user and -passwordReporting results: -oraw and -ohtml

Reporting results: -oraw and -ohtml

Big Brother can display the results of its work in two different ways: either by printing "raw" information, or by generating a report in HTML format. The former is rather difficult to read for humans, but easy to parse for a machine. I shall document its format when I have some time. It is requested using -oraw. The latter is a simple HTML description of which links were checked and what the outcome was. It is requested using -ohtml.

Both -oraw and -ohtml expect an argument. If it is the keyword stdout, Big Brother will send the data to the standard output channel, which means that it will appear in your terminal window. Otherwise, the argument is assumed to be a file name; Big Brother creates the file and writes the output to it.

For example, to store an HTML report in the file results.html and to see the raw information on screen, type

-oraw stdout -ohtml results.html

You must use at least one of these two options, since otherwise no output at all would be generated.

When it's done checking, Big Brother displays some statistics. They appear both in raw and HTML outputs. For each kind of URLs (local and remote), it displays the following information: number of documents whose existence was checked--number of documents actually read or downloaded--approximate volume of data transferred. This data can be interesting to assess your site's size!

François Pottier, May 5, 2004

Focusing on -failuresReferenceUsing passwords: -realm, -user and -passwordReporting results: -oraw and -ohtml