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Persons and exchanges

INRIA Rocquencourt participants are Jean-Jacques Lévy, Fabrice le Fessant, Cédric Fournet, Georges Gonthier, Luc Maranget, Uwe Nestmann and Didier Rémy.

Uwe Nestmann moved to Aalborg in November, Carolina Lavatelli moved from ENS to Rocquencourt in December. Cédric Fournet (PhD student) visited Bologna to acheive a common paper with Michele Boreale and Cosimo Laneve.

From Cambridge, we had visits 2 one-week visits with Andrew Gordon, May 26-29, and Peter Sewell, November 24-28. Also Cosimo Laneve (Bologna), Julian Rathke (Sussex), and Nobuko Yoshida (Edinburgh) visited our site.