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De Nicola, Ferrari, and Pugliese design a kernel programming language, called LLinda, to support a programming paradigm where processes as well as data can migrate from one computing environment to another. The language is equipped with a sophisticated type system.

LLinda (Locality based Linda) is a variant of the Linda system of David Gelernter, which supports a programming paradigm where agents can migrate from one computing environment to another. It is possible to define a type system for LLinda that permits statically checking access rights violations of mobile agents. Types are used to describe processes intentions (read, write, execute, ...) relatively to the different localities they are willing to interact with or they want to migrate to. The type system is used to determine the operations that processes want to perform at each locality, to check whether they comply with the declared intentions and whether they have the necessary rights to perform the intended operations at the specific localities.

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