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Chapter 1:   Overview

This report contains the Third Periodic Progress Report for ESPRIT WG Nr. 21836 (CONFER-2).

The report contains 3 main parts: management at consortium level and at each site, deliverables (programs of each CONFER-2 workshops 5 and 6, software deliverables), and appendices listing CONFER-2 publications.

Further information may be requested from the coordinator:

          Jean-Jacques LÚvy
          INRIA, Rocquencourt
          bat.8, Domaine de Voluceau
          78153--Le Chesnay, Cedex
          tel: +33-1-39-63-56-89
          fax: +33-1-39-63-53-30

This document has been compiled from input from all of the partners in the CONFER-2 Working Group: Cosimo Laneve, Peter Sewell, Jan Willem Klop, Pierre-Louis Curien, Jean-Francois Monin, Bent Thomsen, Lone Leth, Davide Sangiorgi, Bjorn Victor, Gianluigi Ferrari, Matthew Hennessy, and David Walker. Lone Leth and Bent Thomsen from ICL greatly helped in the writing and the assembly of the document.

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