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Chapter 4:   Deliverables

4.1   Workshop 5

The Fifth workshop was held in Pisa, organized by University of Pisa, with more than 30 participants.

Monday, March 29th
9:30 -- 10:15      Klaim: An Overview
       R. De Nicola
10:15 -- 11:00      On Behavioural Equivalence in Ambient Calculus
       F. Levi
11:00 -- 11:30      Coffee-Break
11:30 -- 12:15      An Interpretation of Extensible Objects
       S. Dal Zilio
12:15 -- 13:00      Mobile Objects as Mobile Processes
       M. Merro
13:00 -- 15:00      Lunch
15:00 -- 15:45      Symmetric Action Calculi
       P. Gardner

Monday, March 29th
15:45 -- 16:30      Comparing Logics for Rewritings: Rewriting Logic, Action
       Calculi and Tile Logic
       F. Gadducci
16:30 -- 17:00      Coffee-Break
17:00 -- 17:45      Demo X-Klaim Pogramming
       L. Bettini

Tuesday, March 30th
9:30 -- 10:15      Static Analysis for Security of Processes
       P. Degano
10:15 -- 11:00      Secure Composition of Insecure Components
       P. Sewell
11:00 -- 11:30      Coffee-Break
11:30 -- 12:15      Security Types for Mobile Agents
       M. Hennessy
12:15 -- 13:00      Mobility Types for Mobile Ambients
       G. Ghelli
13:00 -- 15:00      Lunch

     Security for Mobile Agents (Panel Discussion)
       Moderator G. Ferrari
20:00      Social Dinner

Wednesday, March 31th
9:30 -- 10:15      Cartesian Closed Double Categories
       R. Bruni
10:15 -- 11:00      Weak Bisimulation and Open Maps
       G. Cattani

Monday, March 29th
11:00 -- 11:30      Coffee-Break
11:30 -- 12:15      Origing Tracking in the Lambda Calculus
       J.W. Klop
12:15 -- 13:00      Hypercoherence as Polarized Games
       P-A. Mellies

List of Participants: Roberto Amadio, Andrea Asperti, Inge Bethke, Gerard Boudol, Pascal Brisset, Roberto Bruni, Ilaria Castellani, Silvano Dal-Zilio, Vincent Danos, Gianluigi Ferrari, Marcelo Fiore, Philippa Gardner, Matthew Hennessy, Kohei Honda, Alan Jeffrey, Ole Hoegh Jensen, Jan Willem Klop, Cosimo Laneve, Carolina Lavatelli, James Leifer, Fabrice le Fessant, Lone Leth, Jean-Jacques Lévy, Luc Maranget, Paul-Andre Melliès, Jean-Francois Monin, Uwe Nestmann, Martin Odersky, Catuscia Palamidesi, Joachim Parrow, Marco Pistore, Femke van Raamsdonk, Paola Quaglia, Julian Rathke, Didier Remy, Peter Sewell, Bent Thomsen.

4.2   Workshop 6

The Fourth workshop was held in Nice, organized by INRIA Sophia Antipolis, with 30 participants, at the end of a long week with Express, Concur, HLCL and CONFER-2. Martin Odersky, University of South Wales, was invited.

Thursday, November 25th
9h - 9h30      Registration
9h30 - 10h15      Structured Coalgebras, SOS Specifications and Tiles for
       Open Systems
       Ugo Montanari (Pisa)
       (with Andrea Corradini, Pisa, and Reiko Heckel, Paderborn)
10h15 - 10h45      Coffee Break
10h45 - 11h30      The pF-calculus: a p-calculus with fusions
       Philippa Gardner (Cambridge)
       (with Lucian Wischik)
11h30 - 12h15      Assigning Types to Processes
       Matthew Hennessy (Sussex)
       (with Nobuko Yoshida)

Monday, March 29th
12:15 -- 14h00      Lunch

2h - 2h45
     On the duality of call-by-name and call-by-value
       Pierre-Louis Curien (Paris)
       (with Hugo Herbelin)
2h45 - 3h30      Observational Equivalences for a Mobile Process Calculus
       Asis Unyapoth (Cambridge)
3:30 - 4h00      Coffee Break
4h00 - 4h45      Secure Composition of Untrusted Code: Wrappers and
       Causality Types
       Peter Sewell (Cambridge)
       (with Jan Vitek, Purdue University)
4h45 - 5h30      A Logical Framework for the spi calculus
       Emilio Tuosto (Pisa)

Friday, November 26th
9:30 - 10:15      Double categories for calculi with name passing and name creation
       Roberto Bruni (Pisa)
10:15 - 10:45      Coffee Break
10:45 - 11:30      A translation of Ambients in the distributed Join calculus
       Alan Schmitt (INRIA)
11:30 - 12:15      Authentication primitives and their compilation
       Georges Gonthier (INRIA)
12:15 -- 14h00      Lunch
2:00 - 2:45      Closed Reductions in the Lambda Calculus
       Ian Mackie (Paris)
2:45 - 3:30      The lambda-sigma calculus enjoys finite normalization cones
       Paul-Andre Mellies (Paris)

3:30 - 4:00      Coffee Break
4:00 - 4:45      Verifying arbitrary temporal formulas in the Temporal Logic
       of Actions
       Lucian Wischik (Cambridge)
4:45 - 5:30      Games theory and linear logic
       Vincent Danos (Paris)

List of Participants: Gerard Boudol, Roberto Bruni, Guiseppe Castagna, Ilaria Castellani, Sylvain Conchon, Vincent Danos, Philippa Gardner, Georges Gonthier, Matthew Hennessy, Hugo Herbelin, Jan Jürjens, Jean-Louis Krivine, Cosimo Laneve, Fabrice le Fessant, Jean-Jacques Lévy, Lone Leth, Ian Mackie, Luc Maranget, Paul-André Mellies, Massimo Merro, Ugo Montanari, Bent Thomsen, Emilio Tuosto, Peter Sewell, Asis Unyapoth, Alan Schmitt, Asis Unyapoth, Lucian Wischik

4.3   Software deliverables

The following is a listing of software constructed during the third year of CONFER-2:

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