Module JoinPool.Shared

module Shared: sig .. end
Advanced implementation with functorial interface

This module provides advanced task management. Pools dispatch computations among registered agents, re-issuing pending tasks if agents do not send computation outcomes. It improves over the more simple JoinPool.Simple in the following aspects:


module type Config = sig .. end
Configuration of pool
module type Enumerable = sig .. end
Functional enumerations


type ('elt, 'partial) worker = 'elt -> 'partial 
Standard workers
type subtask_id = int 
Subtask identifier
type ('elt, 'partial) interruptible_worker = subtask_id * 'elt -> 'partial option 
Workers that can be aborted asynchronously
type kill = subtask_id Join.chan 
To abort given subtask
module type S = sig .. end
Output signature of the pool functor
module Make: 
functor (C : Config) ->
functor (E : Enumerable) -> S with type elt = E.elt and type collection = E.t
Functor to build pools, given an enumeration technique specification (E)